Online Writing Coach and English Tutor







Online Writing Coach and English Tutor

Do you know a parent with a child 7-17 who might need support at home with English writing and language skills?
So many parents are struggling to help their children stay engaged with their schoolwork, especially without in-person experience for personalized learning and social interaction.
Most teachers now only spend one hour a week online with five or more students at a time. How do we help our students stay connected, engaged, and learning under these circumstances?
Online personalized tutoring can produce great results! My specialty is teaching my kids how to write and find their voice in writing while working on grammar, reading comprehension, and language skills. I tailor a personalized study program for each student. I can help with homework, essay composition, public speaking, test, and SAT preparation.
I bring a toolbox of life skills to my students, helping them to acquire confidence, good study habits, and emotional intelligence skills invaluable for their future. Most of all, my students feel that they have the full attention of a skilled learning coach.
I currently have openings for a few more students, and I ask your help to reach those in need. I would love to be of service to parents, their kids, and a resource for teachers and school counselors who are being asked by parents for help. My website is Please feel free to pass on this email to others.
Thank you so much,
Polly St. John-Hughes

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