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Rainbow from our upper deck

Veronica Hughes, aka Polly St. John Hughes

I am a native San Franciscan currently living in Sacramento, California. After becoming disillusioned with the Catholic Church in my late teens I decided that Christianity was not for me. In my early 20s, after a prolonged illness, I went on a quest to find healing and inner peace. I became involved in personal growth movements, the occult, Eastern religions, channeling, alternative healing (I was a massage therapist and healer for twenty years), and meditation techniques. For twenty years I was convinced that I could find what I was seeking outside of Christianity. Yet inner peace and true healing eluded me. Then in an amazing and shocking series of events my life took a dramatic and unexpected turn.

My book is a candid, engaging, non-judgmental view into my life-long spiritual journey and struggles to come to terms with Christianity and finally find the “Peace that passes all understanding.” in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

If you are a modern seeker trying to find your way back to Christ, my book will open a window into Ancient Christianity and its most heartfelt and sacred traditions preserved for more than 2000 years in Eastern Orthodoxy Church.

For those who are Orthodox, My Pearl is a gripping story that will validate your faith and offer support to those of you that are challenged to find a way to share your faith with family and friends who are into Eastern or New Age practices.

I have also released my second book, In Christ I am a New Creation, Taking up My Cross, Part I of the sequel to my Pearl. To read more about my new book, go to my blog post of 7/20/17 or my website:pearlofgreatpriceorthodox.com. Books can be purchased through me, for signed copies or Amazon.

May God bless you and thank you for visiting my blog,

Veronica Hughes

To view a short video with Veronica taking about her book click here.

4 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Dear Veronica we are so pleased to learn of God’s ways in your life, may His providence that led you to the orthodox Christianity be blessed! My brother and I are hieromonks Methody and Kirill serving nearby Saint-Petersburs, Russia. We send you our blessings! + + + By chance – would you happen to know about any modern miracles in America and Europe (meaninig not necessarily healings but also coming to the true faith) though the prayers of saint John of Kronshtadt or any other Orthodox saint? We are working now on an orthodox calendar for the 2015 and would like to bring Russian readers some information on Orthodoxy abroad – and especially on the help of orthodox saints to find the true Church +
    My e-mail is ierej.cyril@mail.ru
    God bless you! +

    1. Cypriana,
      When you finish it – perhaps you could go on my book Amazon lisiting for this book and write a review? That would be of a great help to others. I am so glad my lessons can be of value to you! Veronica

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