St. Paisius Missionary School – The Opportunity for Immersion into Orthodoxy

I am currently hard at would on my second book, The Pearl of Great Price, Volume II, I am a New Creation. 

Part of my spiritual journey after converting to Eastern Orthodox Christianity involved  the integration of an Orthodox worldview into every aspect of my being and life. Why was this so important and so challenging for me and perhaps other converts to Orthodoxy?

Taken from my new book:

The more I studied and prayed, the more I realized how little I understood what an Orthodox worldview was. I was raised in the West as a Western Catholic. How I approached Orthodoxy was from of a combination of my Western, Western Catholic, post-Renaissance, humanistic, and secular views mixed in with all kinds of New Age, non-Christian ideologies and Eastern religions. I called this my minestrone soup worldview! I realized more frequently after my conversion that my instincts, my whole way of viewing life, was Western and innately flawed, but how? Where had my/our thinking gone astray? Why? How was my spiritual life at the mercy of my minestrone soup worldview?”

St. Paisius Missionary School was an essential part of my re-formation – part of my becoming a new creation in Christ in Orthodoxy. Please check out their website and contact them if you are interested in bringing a deeper experience of Orthodoxy to your parish or might be interested for yourself and family. Fr. Michael Oyer and Fr. Phillip Tolbert offer at least one or more retreats a year. Here is their website:


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