Engrossing, well-written, thoughtful, helpful… Review of Veronica’s Book January 1, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars Engrossing, well-written, thoughtful, helpful, January 1, 2013

First, this is a story well-told. I disagree with another reviewer who stated that some of the writing was awkward in the beginning of the book. I did not find it so. I was sufficiently engrossed in the story to finish the entire book within two days of purchasing it. There are many, many people whose childhood did not provide them with a satisfying religious experience within
Christianity and it is not surprising that such people search for truth in other traditions. I think this author’s experience would be invaluable for people attracted to Hinduism, New Age and the occult. The author spent many years involved in New Age and Hindu spiritualism and can speak with the authority of substantial experience. Excellent read, i would recommend it to anyone interested in the interface between Eastern Religions, New Age and Christianity.

I would also recommend The Gurus, The Young Man and Elder Paisios and Klaus Kenneth’s Born to Hate, Reborn to Love. In all three of these books a young person explores Hindu mysticism (as well as the occult and Buddhism in the case of Klaus Kenneth) in great depth before returning to Christian Orthodoxy. Very different people but there are some overarching similarities in their experiences. Each is worth a read.

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