Holiness comes only to those who struggle




Holiness comes only to those who struggle

Not an hour should pass without taking time to examine our heart, for the hour of judgment can come at any time, and we must be ready to give account to God for our life.

There is no spiritual improvement if we do not seek to please God with holiness in life. If we find good in our deeds, we must attribute it to God. If we find we’ve neglected our spiritual struggle, and acted with foolish abandon, we, in our weakness, must turn to God in repentance. We must resolve to turn ourselves around, with God’s help, and fight against the enemy of our souls. Holiness comes only to those who struggle.

With love in Christ,
Abbot Tryphon

“Hope is not about getting better, but getting to know God better.” (Grief Share Workbook) In a Christian grief group that I highly recommend, Griefshare.org, we talked about how pain and joy run parallel in life. Even at the “most joyous” time of year, Christmas, we can experience pain and perhaps due to the nature of the Holiday Season even more so… It is with Christ we can weather our pain, move through it and experience joy when we are struggling. Christ is the reason for the season. He made the ultimate sacrifice so we could be saved from our sinful life and death. In the little deaths of our ego we battle to win with God’s grace each day, we find Peace and Light in our temporary darkness and the hope to go on… to “Fight the good fight’.” (1 Tim. 6)

If we can expect both pain and joy  – that the first leads to the second – when we can surrender our pain and sorrows to Christ, then the false idea of worldly happiness dies and we find the process of life more fulfilling and learn to even welcome the struggle, for we learn it eventually leads to joy and life eternal.

Merry Christmas, Christ is Born in our hearts over and over again!

Glory to God for all things!

Veronica Hughes

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