During the Lenten Fast we must work for inner peace…


“During the Great Lenten Fast, each day brings on new challenges regarding the health of our soul. Trials and temptations, especially during this fast period, confront us. But we must struggle to bring about a peaceful heart, and bring forth the healing we need, that our soul gain spiritual strength.

Reacting to another’s negativity does nothing but bring forth paralysis of the soul, binding us to our fallen nature. The answer to the temptations is to receive everything with a peaceful heart, and not reacting to outside negative stimulus. This will help strengthen us for the next round of trial and temptation. Little by little, we will find that Christ will fill our every waking moment, and bring on the joy and serenity that we so desire. This, in turn, will bring on the desired healing of our soul.”

Love in Christ,
Abbot Tryphon

It is so true that the task before us is one of choosing to hear prayers and Christ’s voice vs. the tempting judgments and inciting thoughts that continually stream through our mind and awareness.  This is our “live stream” and not that different from what we stream

God’s Divine Providence gives us daily opportunities to weave more threads of pure thought and love into the garment of our soul, while repenting and pulling out the dark and soiled threads of our soul’s history of sin. So that we too can stand before Christ at Pascha and eventually upon our death in an acceptable wedding garment.

Onward to the next opportunity to serve God and others….

In Christ,

Veronica Hughes


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