Internal Peace

Faith and Rainbows have a lot in common!

Peace comes through a sincere belief in God’s presence and in His promises; it is not dependent on our feelings or sensations. Believe in His promises and rest in His peace today. Elder Sophrony Sakharov

I was working with a dear friend on letting go of the attachment or attraction I have to the feelings and sensations I experience on a daily basis. It is amazing how easily I can listen to these feelings or get concerned about these body sensations. It is such a “natural” thing to do. I have spent my whole life doing it and the older I get, the more sensations I feel! Lord have mercy! Some of these feelings and sensations actually require my attention, others do not.

If I observe this process I can see that the attraction and attachment is actually fueled fears, angers and worries – my negative passions. If I engage, I am doomed! Then the demons waiting to derail me from my connection to and with God and others add their part. I can see this when I am upset about something, it seems like coals are being heaped upon coals and then shoveled into my steam engine which is racing down the tracks – to where? For what? How much time and energy do I give to these sensations and feelings? More than I should.

When I give as much attention and attraction to my prayer life, then I can hear the quiet voice of my Creator in my still heart and mind. Then most to all of the sensations and feelings abate and there I am at peace. If a sensation or feeling remains, the Lord will then help me if I ask in a humble manner. Glory to God for all things! Let’s dig in for another Great Lent!

Have a blessed Pre-Lenten season,

Veronica Hughes

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