How Marriage Changes When it is Sanctified in the Sacrament of Marriage in Church

Veronica and Gregory Hughes 25th Year of Marriage


An unmarried marriage is a marriage, but Christ has not yet come to this marriage. When we marry people who have lived in a marriage for many years, who gave birth and raised children, we say to them: “You were a husband and a wife until today, and now you have become a husband and wife in Christ. Christ on marriage in Cana turned water into wine. Your life before the wedding was water. She was refreshing and nourishing. Now, with the coming of Christ to your marriage, it should become wine, that is, should become more beautiful, tastier and healthier. ”

Archpriest Andrei Tkachev


What Fr. Andrei relates, my late husband and I experienced, when after 10 years of marriage and having become Orthodox Christians, we partook in the sacrament of marriage in the Orthodox Church. What a remarkable spiritual experience we both had the morning after! It was as if we were in Paradise together! I share more about our this in my first book, The Pearl of Great Price, the Spiritual Journey of a New Age Seeker to the Light of Christ and the Eastern Orthodox Church. From that point on in our marriage, we were in a truly spiritual relationship with each other and God.  Even now that he is past on to our Lord, he is ever with me in my heart in God and we await our reunion.

Veronica Hughes

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