Praying for our departed loved ones.


With the Saints give rest O Lord, to the souls of they servants!

For in Thee have we placed our hope,

O our Creator and Fashioner and God!

When I look back at what it took for my Italian Grandfather, Pietro, to bring his family to America in 1921, for a better life and how he voluntarily chose to do this so his children and grandchildren could step out of poverty, I am amazed and so grateful!

Pietro had no cell phone to stay connected. He most likely paid someone to write his dictated letters to home and lived through the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. He made several dangerous ship voyages to visit home and risked his life for his family. In the process and loneliness he became an alcoholic and later almost gambled his family’s house away.

Pietro died long before I was born, but he gave me the opportunity to have life in America. Thanks Grandpa! I owe so much to him and all my ancestors. What can I do to thank them, more than even they could hope? Pray for them!

My grandfather, father and mother were florists in San Francisco. I will always love flowers thanks to them and my flowers I must have around me remind me to pray for them and thank them for all they gave to me.

With the saints give rest to the souls of they good servants, O Lord!

Memory Eternal!

Veronica Hughes


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