St. Veronica Life and Liturgical Service, A New Book Release, June 2018

Saint Veronica

An Eastern Orthodox Historical Overview

and Liturgical Service

Softcover/full color interior

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Blessed by Bishop Benjamin, OCA
Passage from the Liturgical Services of this book:


Lord I have cried, Tone

A woman with an issue of blood, who had suffered much and spent all she had on physicians, humbly and courageously touched the hem of Christ’s garment saying, ‘If I may touch but His clothes, I shall be made whole.’ And straightway the fountain of her blood was dried up; she was healed of that plague. Jesus knowing in Himself that virtue had gone out of Him, turned about and said, ‘Who touched my clothes?’ With fear and trembling Holy Veronica then fell down before Him and told all the truth. Christ said to her, ‘Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace.’ Glory to Thee, O Christ our God!

Thy name, Veronica, means bearer of victory. Thou didst miraculously acquire the Image of our Saviour on thy veil. After His Resurrection, thou didst carry His wonder-working Image and the Gospel to those in need. Holy Mother Veronica, by thy prayers for us, help us to be victorious over our passions and the unseen forces that war against us.

Who would not wonder at and glorify faithfully the unseen miracles of humble Veronica as she carried her veil and the message of the Gospel to all? O the wonder and glory of God given grace! Teach us by thine example, holy Veronica, to turn with faith to the Gospel and our Lord for the healing of our souls and bodies.

Glory…   same tone

Thy holy feast shines like the sun with the action of divine healings; for all who pray to thee are strengthened in their faith. With courage let us also follow thine example and dare to reach out to Christ for healing. O holy Mother Veronica, teach us to pray with faith to Christ for the healing of our soul and body.

Both now and ever… same tone


O Holy Mother of God, Queen of heaven and glory of the angels, send down thy loving kindness on those who faithfully call upon thee with love to the glory of thy Holy Son, Christ our God.


When Thy Most Pure Mother saw Christ her Son and our God being crucified and pierced in the side with a spear, she cried out through her tears: ‘What is this, O my Son? How have the ungrateful people rewarded Thee for all the good Thou hast done for them? O compassionate One, I am amazed at Thy voluntary crucifixion.”

Back Cover Text

St. Veronica is one of the most beloved saints in both the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Churches. She is the ‘woman with an issue of blood‘ presented in the Gospels, who was instantly cured by Christ when she touched the hem of His garment:

And behold, a woman which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years came behind him and touched the hem of his garment, for she said within herself, `If I may touch hip garment I shall be made whole.’ But Jesus . . . when he saw her said, ‘Daughter, be of good comfort, thy faith hath made thee whole.” Matthew (19.20)

I began my research into the life of St. Veronica when I became Orthodox in 1996 and chose her for my saint. Initially, most of what I found was legend. Then at the request of my spiritual father to write a service for her, my research revealed some remarkable things. Based on these historically documented truths about St. Veronica, I have written an overview of what is documented about her life, Veronica’s Veil and Statue and an Orthodox liturgical service in honor of her. Holy St. Veronica, pray to God for us!

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