New Review of “In Christ I am a New Creation

A Beautiful Journey
on June 8, 2018
I received your book on Friday and could not put it down! In spite of my otherwise busy schedule, I finished your book on Sunday morning!
What a gift you have given to this modern world!

Your message is so genuine, raw and so heartfelt, and so incredibly important, for this current time in history! I know of no other such work, which gets to the heart of the much popular and fashionable way of life here in Marin, and the rest of the educated Western world.

Buddhism, Yoga spirituality, Hinduism, Shamanism, Taoism, Channeling, Qi gong, and variations of all… (are so popular in our modern society). Your book has answered many of my internal questions that I have had about these religions and beliefs. I did not have the knowledge prior to reading your book, what these practices were really all about. I never quite understood (some of) the dangers of these religions. After reading your book, I came to the realization, that am not that strong in my knowledge of such”occult” things. I am very humbled by my lack of spiritual knowledge in all of this. I need to learn so much more and to work on my spiritual vigilance. Bottom line, after reading your book, I can see I have a lot of spiritual growth, education, and hard work yet ahead.

Thank you for sharing your spiritual journey and growth in true Christianity!

Thank you so much Nina for the wonderful review!
Veronica Hughes

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