Grant Thou O Lord…

The Holy Spirit has descended! From Heaven to Earth!

“Grant Thou a speedy and lasting consolation unto Thy servants, O Jesus, when our spirits are despondent. Be not parted from our souls when they be in affliction; be Thou not far from our minds when we are in perils, but do thou ever anticipate our needs. Draw nigh unto us, draw nigh, O Thou Who art everywhere present, and even as Thou art ever with Thine Apostles, thus do Thou also unite unto Thyself those who long for Thee O Compassionate One, that, being united with Thee, that we may praise and glorify Thine All-Holy Spirit.” Oikos, Matins, Pentecost

Draw nigh O Lord, draw nigh! How amazing it must have been to have received the gift of the Holy Spirit on the first Pentecost! The wonder of how we can feel we are in heaven on earth at Divine Liturgy and to commune with the Body and Blood of Christ!

A blessed Pentecost week to all of you!

In Christ,

Veronica Hughes


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