The prayer, the old RV/truck, and a small miracle…

Good and Faithful RV
Good and Faithful RV

Off it went into the night with Michael and his brothers… this old RV/truck was the source of amazement to my husband and I as it was driven off our property after 9 years.

We obtained the RV from a dear friend who was relieved to get it off his property for nothing nine years ago. My husband had to find a truck that would fit the camper top – and – he did! An old, but good Chevy truck. We put a lot into it, fixed it up inside, rewired it and then took it out for a long weekend.

That night we stayed in our first RV park. We were hooked up to the parks electrical system.  Everything seemed fine until I was settling in to go to sleep. I accidentally banged my knee on the cab ceiling and sparks flew! So we unplugged ourselves from the electrical hook up.

Then we took it to the beach and as we made a rather sharp turn, we heard a loud prolonged wrenching sound. Part of the siding was pulled loose and hanging.

On the way home I was in the back resting. My husband had bought us walky talkies so we could communicate with each other. Suddenly there was smoke and a fire in the cabin. I grabbed my walky talky and yelled, “Fire in the hold! May Day! May Day!” The battery wires had caught on fire.

After these three incidents we realized that the only safe place for this RV was on our property in Platina, CA. The stove did work and we used it for years while we were building our home here. Greg built a deck around it and we cooked many a good meal in it. We called it the chuck wagon.

Brittany and Greg in the chuck wagon

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe truck served us as well while it was detached from its camper until the ground squirrels ate some of the hosing and wiring.

It came time to move the RV camper top and my niece Brittany and her beau came to our aid.  They helped us to somewhat repair the truck and move the camper back onto the RV.  Greg drove it down a ways – black smoke trailing to the middle of our land where it died. There is sat for 2 years. We had no idea how to get it off our property due to the mechanical problems. Who would want such an old useless RV? It seemed an impossible task.

Then a young boy named Michael was visiting the monastery up the road from us. He really liked the old RV/truck and Greg said, “When you grow up a little more – you can have it.” Never thinking that anything would truly come of it.

About a month later we arrived back from a walk with our dogs on a Sunday afternoon and who greets us, Michael and his younger brother! Michael said, “I brought my older brother, Dan, who is a mechanic and he brought a friend. They are working on the truck and we will be taking it home tonight!”

Our mouths dropped open! “OK, wonderful, do you need anything?” We asked. “No.”, replied Dan. Four hours later, after we gave them money for gas and sandwiches, Dan signed the title papers. Off they drove with the truck purring and no black smoke in its wake.

We sat on our porch totally amazed. Then Greg told me he had prayed to the Mother of God asking for help to get the old RV/truck off our property about a week prior. Just another day in our blessed life. Glory to God for all things! Oh, the power of prayer! Thank you Mother of God, Michael, and Daniel.

In Christ,


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