We are a week away from moving…Opposition of Human Reasonings and Faith

Opposition of Human Reasonings and Faith:

God Tempts Abraham to Offer Issac, His Son (Gen. 22 1-18)

Great indeed was the faith of Abraham. For a while in the case of Able, and of Noah, and of Enoch, there was an opposition of reasonings, and it was necessary to go beyond human reasonings; in this case it was necessary not only to go beyond human reason means, but to manifest something more. For what was of God seemed to be opposed to what was of God; and faith opposed faith, and command promise. I mean this: He had said, ‘Get out of your country, and from your kindred, and I will give you this land.” (Gen. 12:1,7). ‘He gave him no inheritance in it, no not so much as to set foot his on’ (Acts 7:5). Do you see how what was done was opposed to the promise? Again He said, ‘In Issac your seed shall be called’ (Gen 21:12), and he believed: and again He says, Sacrifice to Me this one, who was to fill all the world from his seed. You see the opposition between the commands and the promise? He enjoined things that were in contradiction to the promises and yet not even so did the righteous man stagger nor say he had been deceived.

St. John Chrysostom.  Homily XXV on Hebrews XI

Christ is Risen!!!

While I cannot even attempt to compare our move to our mountain home overlooking the Valley of the Dancing Angels (My husband gave this valley that name. When it is a cloudy day wisps of clouds float and dance in the valley resembling dancing angels., finally making the decision at the age of 60 to trust that making a permanent move to our little piece of Orthodox ascetic heaven was the right thing to do.

I understood from the get go when my husband was inspired to buy this land and build on it, that he was acting on faith. He had been waiting for many years for the land to come up for sale. Just when it did, Greg received an inheritance sufficient enough for him to purchase the land and begin developing it. Then, each step along the way, when a need presented itself, there was someone who helped us, whether financially or physically.

At the same time that Greg started developing and building on our land, I contracted Lyme disease in addition to having chronic back problems and fibromyalgia. During the years I struggled to heal from Lyme, which I did, while Greg was building and started writing my book, The Pearl of Great Price, which helped me to heal many things from my past prior to becoming Orthodox.

With all my health issues, I would think, “Could I ever be well enough to live here God? Why would you give us this land if I am too sick to live here?” Yet, here is where Greg is building us a home – kind of like Noah building the Ark. Having faith in something or someone makes no sense to our minds, but then neither does love or any of the intangible virtues we strive to acquire as Christians.

I love being on our property and attending services at the monastery up the road. There is a “peace that passes all understanding” on this sacred mountain. Years of praying and spiritual struggles have brought grace to the mountain.

I told our spiritual father after our first attempt to move in 2009 failed and my fibro became much worse, “It would take an act of God for me to be able to live here.” Well, as the saying goes, “Ask and ye shall receive.” Low and behold my act of God occurred multiple times!

Within months of requesting an act of God to come to my aid, I discovered and started a protocol that reverses fibro. (Turns out both my husband and I are afflicted by fibromyalgia and are doing this protocol together!) After starting to see improvement, I/we realized that perhaps I could live on our land. Then one by one all the other issues that interfered with our first attempt to move were remedied! Now we are a week away from making our move up to our sacred mountain.

Glory to God for all things!


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