Miracles thanks to St John of Shanghai and San Francisco, a passage from Veronica’s book

From The Pearl of Great Price, Part II, Chapter 1, Greg’s Epiphany

(Greg is Veronica’s husband.)

In the fall of 1994, Greg attended a conference at St. Paisius Monastery (then in Forestsville, CA) where clergy and lay people from the brotherhood gathered from all over the United States to study and pray together. Someone asked Greg if he could give a priest a ride to the airport on his way home, and Greg agreed. The priest in question, Fr. Simeon, asked if they could stop to visit Blessed John’s incorrupt body on the way. Greg reported that the grace-filled energy of the saint’s relics radiated throughout the Cathedral. The entire experience of the retreat, his talk with Fr. Simeon and the visit to the church had profoundly moved him, but that wasn’t the whole story.

Greg had been unsuccessfully nursing a large, ugly wart on one of his fingers for twenty years. I would frequently urge him to remove it, until Greg finally confessed to me. ”I have this secret prayer. I’ve been waiting for it to be healed. I’ve been hoping that when I find the right spiritual path for me, that it will disappear, as my sign that I’ve finally arrived where God wanted me to be.” The morning after his weekend conference and visit to Blessed John’s tomb, he woke to find the wart gone and his finger returned to normal. We were both astounded. It was a miracle! Greg felt so blessed to have his prayer finally answered.

During an extended vigil service at the St. Paisius Monastery several months later, Greg witnessed another miracle related to St. John. In the middle of the evening prayers, the priest anointed a young man in the community who had a severe cancer on his face. The oil the priest used was taken from a special container that rested at the feet of St. John’s relics. The young man later reported that he experienced a burning sensation on the anointed side of his face that persisted throughout the service. When he emerged from prayers, the cancer was gone! This second miracle was confirmation for Greg that he had truly found the right path.

Relic of Blessed John at the Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco

Relics of Blessed John in the Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco

To read more about St. John’s life:

Blessed John the wonderworker: A preliminary account of the life and miracles of Archbishop John Maximovitch (Third, revised ed.). Platina: St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood. ISBN 0-938635-01-8.

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