#2 Q & A with Veronica, Regarding ETs, the occult and New Age


I heard you speak on AFR podcast and was interested in a comment that you made regarding aliens . It was a passing comment but I was intrigued in the link between aliens and the occult or new age. I would love to have your comments on this. M. T.

I personally have not encountered ETs in the form most see them, rather I opened myself up to entities that I thought were ET in nature when channeling. I also toyed with ideas and beliefs about reincarnation and ETs – in the Michael Channeling community there were lots of people who thought their soul mate was an ET, for instance, or we channeled info about past lives as an ET.

In fact none of this is valid or real – all part of an elaborate web of imaginings when in a self- induced trance state was fueled by demonic influences. I clearly see that now.

In terms of ET encounters, abductions, and space ship encounters. I think the best analysis of this from an Orthodox point of view was done by Fr. Seraphim Rose in his book, Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future, St Herman Press. He sites documented experiences Saints had with demons that are just like ET encounters. The devil can disguise himself and work illusions to astound people, abduct them and seduce them into thinking they are having encounters with ETs – none of which is true. If you have not read his book – I recommend doing so – it is sobering, for one aspect of ET encounters is preparing people for Antichrist and being ‘saved’ by ETs.

None of it is real – Fr. Seraphim talks about how science cannot see the unseen world for it lacks faith – therefore is misguided in their perceptions as well of what is occurring.

Hope that answers your question? Reading Fr. Seraphim’s book was a necessary step for me years ago to start to understand the depth of the deceptions the devil working in many forms, through many non-Christian religions, charismatic movements, the occult and New Age.

God bless,


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