Review of Inner River, the latest book by Kyriacos C. Markides

I have read several of the books written by Kyriacos Markides. What I love the most about his books are his conversations with Fr. Maximos, an Athonite monk, now a bishop. Fr. Maximos is able to summarize matters of faith with the wisdom of an Athonite elder in a manner modern seekers can hear. He incorporates the wisdom of the Holy Elders and Fathers of the Orthodox Church with compassion and humor completely compelling and disarming the listener at the same time. One can easily relate to the spiritual adventures and struggles of the author, Kyriacos, as well.

In his latest book, Inner River, Fr. Maximos walks us through the fruits of the Holy Spirit, “Starting with self-control and climbing the ladder all the way up to love.” My words fall short of the sweet flowing manner in which Fr. Maximos relates these virtues to our everyday life. It was said by St. Seraphim of Sarov that the acquisition of the Holy Spirit is the goal of Chrisitian life. Well, Fr. Maximos takes us through those fruitful steps essential to the acquiring of the Spirit and the grace-filled transformation of the soul experiences in Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

A book well worth reading, though I confess, I skipped many of the personal sharings by Kyriacos at the advice of my husband. “The heart of the book lies in the words of Fr. Maximos for those who are already Orthodox.” For those folks not yet Orthodox, the personal aspect of Inner River shared by Kyraicos on his pilgrimages in this book may be of interest, as he himself is actively engaged in the process of discovering the hidden treasures of  Eastern Orthodox Christianity and brings a few friends with him along the way.

Veronica Hughes

Inner River by Kyriacos C. Markides, Image Books, New York

2 thoughts on “Review of Inner River, the latest book by Kyriacos C. Markides

  1. hello Veronica,

    I just read with interest your review of ‘Inner River’. I’m currently reading Markides’ book “The Magos of Strovolos” which I’m finding enlivening, spiritually informative and affirming . . fascinating too!

    I wonder if you can help – a friend in another country just told me that in Markides’ book “Fire in the Heart”, Daskalos talked about a yoghurt/Cucumber/Garlic recipe he gave to a woman to help her with stomach and virus issues . . and that this recipe healed her. I am confined to home with multiple health issues and cannot work, so I do not have the money to purchase Fire in the Heart which has become very expensive. If you have this book, would you be able to look up the proper recipe and send it to me? I know it is an odd request, but I hope you will find it somewhat charming : ) . There is also reference to drinking a pleasing organic beverage with carob and ?apple cider?, not sure.

    I will leave this with you, if you can find the time to do this, I would be grateful.
    with my good wishes,
    thank you sincerely.
    Jennifer , Toronto, Canada

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      I have not read that book – so I do not have it. Sorry! I understand being home with health problems all too well. You might try contacting his publisher? They might at least put you in contact with him or could help you out.

      God Bless,


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