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Christ is Born! Merry Christmas!!!

May the True Light, Jesus Christ, dawn in the manger of our hearts on Christmas.

Here is a lovely, short video with beautiful Christmas icons and Byzantine chant

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!


Video of our Eastern Orthodox 25th Anniversary Wedding Service

We were so fortunate to have one of our dearest friends, Herman Vasquez, take our photos and this short video of our 25th wedding anniversary. It features some of the beautiful Eastern Orthodox icons in our church, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, in San Anselmo, CA.

Many thanks to all our family and friends, Fr. Stephan and Mat. Elaine, and Nadine and Julie from our choir.

Glory to God!


Veronica and Gregory celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary, 12/3/11

Veronica and Gregory Hughes

Today my husband Gregory and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Quite an accomplishment for us! With God anything is possible! We had both been married before and were committed to making our marriage work on December 1, 1986.  We made our marriage vows before God (thought at the time not in the Orthodox Church, but with a Methodist minister in Hana, Maui).

At each challenging turn in the road of early stages of our relationship, God provided the needed support from our family and friends to help us keep our commitment (though much of the time we were not aware of God’s unseen mercy). The story of our relationship, spiritual struggles (spiritual warfare), Christian conversions and how important Gregory was in the battle for my soul are shared in my book.

We reaffirmed our marriage vows in the Orthodox Church on December 8, 1996, after my baptism that October. Since then I have seen with more clarity the gifts God gives us through each other and our weaknesses.

The keys to reaching our 25th anniversary:

  • Acknowledging our failures, which keeps us humble
  • Taking responsibility for our state of separation from God, each other and others
  • Receiving the Sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion, which continually renew our spirits and cleanse our souls
  • Reading Holy Scripture and the writings and lives of the Saints gives us hope and courage.

We love God, our church, each other, our family and friends more deeply thanks to our ever growing faith, sacramental and prayer life in the church. When the going gets tough these days, we pray! I could not even imagine our marriage enduring without our shared path in Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Glory to God for all things, for hearing our prayers and answering them in ways that we could not have imagined!