Christian Conversion – Orthodox Women’s Ministry – my book/blog/author’s website can be a great resource!

Christian Conversion – Orthodox Women’s Ministry

My husband said to me last night as I was struggling with myself about how to reach others regarding my book, “The majority of folks that buy your book are women. Women like to read stories written by women. Orthodox women especially love your book! Your conversion to Christianity will touch the hearts of many who have been or are into New Age and Eastern religions and those who have strong issues with Christianity.  Your book inspires women, reaffirms their faith and can help them to help their family members and friends who are not Orthodox understand what Orthodoxy is all about.

At your book events men and women, but especially Orthodox women are so thrilled that they can pass a book on to their friends and family who are not practicing Christians – a book that can open their hearts newly to Christ and the peace you/they have found in Eastern Orthodox Christianity. 

That is why you wrote your book. Your book can help introduce Eastern Orthodoxy to those who are on a spiritual journey and are not aware of the mystical treasures available in Orthodoxy.  Your Pearl can aid women in Orthodox Christian ministry to make a bridge or plant a seed for Christ and Orthodoxy in the hearts of their family and friends.” Greg was right. I got all fire up after his pep talk!

If you are an Orthodox woman with an active desire to open the hearts of others to our faith – my book can help you!

I also have created a space on my website for Orthodox women in Christian ministries to network. Please email me,, if you would like me to post a link on my website for other Orthodox women in ministry to use as a resource.

Your comments on my blog are greatly appreciated as well!

God bless you! I look forward to connecting and spreading The Word!


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