What is Lent? The fall of Adam relative to reincarnation and Lent

“Adam became through the fall mortal, that is, both in soul and body … Since  a man has body and soul, therefore he has to guess of the body likewise, there are also two immortality’s one of the soul and one of the body … for the soul and the body are one man.”

St. Symeon the New Theologian.  The Sin of Adam, commonly 1,2.#76

By this passage from St. Symeon, we can see that reincarnation is an illusion.  Accepting the consequences of ‘the fall’ –  even that there was a fall – was a challenge for me.   By this passage we can see that there is but one life for both the soul and body, one physical death for each and no more.

The frightening thing about the seduction of reincarnation is that it takes us away from what we need to do now for the salvation of our soul. “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom” (Proverbs)  Without this ‘fear of God’ we cannot begin to approach truly living, turning our thoughts and actions towards the living God, preparing ourselves for our soul’s immortality with God.  Even knowing all this, practicing gratitude for each moment and realizing how precious each moment is – is still a major struggle for me.

The wonderful thing about Great Lent is that everything I experience and do becomes so much more timely and present because we are fasting and praying more intensely.   I have a greater opportunity to strive in the pressure cooker of Lent!

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